Wix vs. Google Sites: The Winner May Shock You!’.

As a result, you could assume that anything bearing the Google seal of approval has a degree of quality above and above anything else available. This isn’t necessarily true with website builders. I recently compared Wix and Google Sites to determine which one was more user-friendly. While both have basic drag-and-and-drop editors, I’ve found that Wix’s added customizability options and superior template selection make it the better all-around builder. And you can get full idea of Wix vs Google Sites features and facilities to develop your website.

Find out why Wix dominates in nearly every area by reading on. In the event that time is of the essence, you may simply begin your free Wix trial right now instead of reading the evaluation.

Wix vs Google Sites - To select a company


Unlike Google Sites, Wix Offers More than 900 Templates.

Wix certainly has an advantage over Google Sites when it comes to templates. In addition to categorizing templates into five categories (Business & Services, Store, Creative, Community, and Blog), Wix also provides helpful tabs within each category to assist users choose the appropriate template.

With Google Sites, on the other hand, what you see is precisely what you get. As a comparison to Wix, Google Sites has a limited variety of templates, but you can change the color and layout of your site so it won’t seem like every other site on the Internet.

If one of these 12 Google Sites templates happens to be exactly what you’re looking for, that’s fantastic! Wix, on the other hand, is the clear winner in this category because it offers hundreds of templates to pick from, which is more appealing to the majority of users (including me).

Ease Of Use

Editors on both platforms are well-designed and simple to use.

It is quite easy to drag and drop content blocks into your pages in both Wix and Google Sites’ editors. You may easily add images, movies, and other content to your website using this method.

To help you along the way, each of these tools provide popup tutorials that explain key controls and features:

The Google Sites editor has a straightforward layout and a minimalistic look that I really enjoyed. There aren’t a lot of unnecessary options in Google’s editor menu, which makes it easy to find what you need quickly.

However, this may be because there aren’t a lot of options to pick from when it comes to editing. Adding text, photographs, and video is all you can do, but you can also incorporate content from other Google services, including as Docs, Sheets, and Maps.

Wix’s editor is likewise highly user-friendly. It’s one of my favorite aspects of developing a website with Wix since it’s almost like you’re working with a team of experts.

In other words, if you drag a content block too far out of the gridlines, some of your site visitors won’t be able to see what you were trying to show them.

For my personal website, this feature alone saved me from making a number of mistakes.


In comparison to Google Sites, Wix offers both in-house and third-party apps

It’s possible to search among hundreds of apps (from both Wix and third-party developers) without ever leaving the Wix editor.

You may utilize free apps from the App Marketplace to enhance your website in the following ways:

  • Access social media tools.
  • Your website should have a blog attached to it.
  • Organize people around a common passion or interest.
  • Sell event tickets and collect RSVPs.

It is possible to acquire apps that offer additional functions if you wish:

  • For your e-commerce store, look for products on the internet.
  • Orders placed on your website can be tracked through QuickBooks online.
  • Allow customers to make reservations via the internet

No third-party apps can be installed on your site using Google Sites. Other apps synchronized with your Google account can also be added.

For example, Google Docs, Maps, Calendar, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Charts may all be added to the editor. There is, at least.

Planning and Prices.

With Wix, you have the option to upgrade your plan, while both builders provide free ones.

Wix has a free plan that can be upgraded to a paid one.

Let’s have a look at the complimentary plans provided by each of these contractors to see what you get:


Free Domain

Includes SSL Certificate

Customer Support





Assigned Domain (username.wixsite.com)



Wix ads displayed on site

500 MB

500 MB

Google Sites

Assigned Domain (sites.google.com/sitename)



No ads displayed on site

1GB or 15GB if you have a Google Drive account


You can see that your selections are relatively limited because both plans are free.

It is possible to upgrade to a premium plan, though, with Wix. Several e-commerce and business concepts are among them. Wix’s Business Basic Plan gave me the ability to sell things online, which was crucial for the success of my website.

Because Google Sites only offers a free plan, you won’t be able to upgrade to unlock premium functionality for your site.


Google Sites does not allow you to communicate with real people like you can with Wix.

Complete and comprehensive Wix’s Help Center. You can learn exactly how to use the builder to personalize your site in each of the various movies they provide. Among the topics covered in these videos are how-tos for:

  • Strips, text, pages, links, and menus can be added and customized.
  • Reconcile the channels of social media
  • Improve the quality of your images
  • Boost your website’s search engine optimization
  • Change the language of your website

When these films don’t answer your query, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected].

If you’re using Wix to design a website, you may be wondering if you can have specific components that appear just on mobile devices but are hidden on the desktop. Within a couple of hours, they responded to my query and recommended a good link that contained additional information:

Google Sites, on the other hand, does not offer the same level of customer service as Wix. Actually, the only resources I could discover were articles about common issues.

Nobody answered my questions concerning my website because I couldn’t get in touch with a real person.

Wix vs Google Sites - help and support

The winner of this comparison was evident from the outset.

Google’s products and services are known for being innovative and cutting-edge. The Wix website builder, on the other hand, clearly outperforms the Google Sites builder.

Because Wix has more to give, this is the reason. Templates for more projects. There should be more applications. Exceptional service to all clients.

Wix Offering Features

  • There are more than 900 Wix templates to select from, making it easy to build any kind of website.
  • Helpful design tips are provided via the interactive builder.
  • There are a plethora of Apps, Plugins, and Add-ons to choose from in the App Store.
  • To get started, there is a free plan, with the opportunity to upgrade.
  • Submit a support ticket or request a callback.

Google Site Offering Features

  • Customize the color, content, and layout of these 13 Google Sites designs.
  • Minimalistic editor with simple functionality for ease of use.
  • No third-party apps or add-ons can be installed. Content from other Google Apps can be incorporated into your project, too.
  • There is no way to upgrade from the free plan.
  • Support – There is no live assistance available.

Still If you want any clarification, following FAQs.

Is Wix or Google Sites more affordable?

You can establish a Google Site for free if you have a Gmail account. With Wix’s free plan, you may also build a website at no charge. In contrast to other web hosts, Wix allows customers to pay for additional business-oriented capabilities, such as e-commerce and more. Upgrades to Wix premium plans can be expensive, so be sure to shop around for the best prices.

Wix vs Google Sites: Which is more user-friendly?

Clean, minimalistic drag-and-and-drop editors on both Google Sites and Wix make it quite simple to quickly put together a website. Google Sites, on the other hand, just gives basic information on frequently asked topics, whereas Wix has a complete customer support area with useful videos and tools to help you design your website. Wix is easy to use because of this.

Check out our professional reviews of Google Sites and Wix if you’re curious about how they perform in practice.

How do I choose the best website builder?

Consider the type of website you’re constructing before you get started. Google Sites is a good choice if you’re in a hurry and want a simple site with minimum custom features and a basic appearance. Wix, on the other hand, has hundreds of themes, apps, and adjustable design options that make it a superior alternative for anything beyond a simple website.

These aren’t the only two options available to you. A list of the ten greatest website builders has been put together to help you evaluate features, pricing, and more.

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